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The Living Dead Museum

Evans City, Pennsylvania

This little museum in the town where zombies were born celebrates the living dead. 


BRAINS. BRAAAAAIIIIIINNNSSS… are not what you will find in the zombie museum. Zombies in pop culture are celebrated at the Living Dead Museum in Evans City, Pennsylvania, the filming location of the classic film Night of the Living Dead.

The quintessential zombie film that introduced many horror movie tropes, Night of the Living Dead was filmed in and around Evans City by George Romero in 1967. Originally located in Monroeville Mall, (and originally known as Monroeville Zombies) where the sequel Dawn of the Dead was filmed, the Living Dead Museum now stands on Main Street in Evans City. The museum shows the history of zombies in pop culture, starting from a myth of the Babylonian Ishtar where she says she will “bring up the dead to eat the living” if Ereshkigal does not open the door to the Underworld, through earlier zombie films White Zombie and Plan 9 From Outer Space to Night of the Living Dead, all the way to the present. Other zombie movies, television shows, comic books, and video game franchises are also shown on the museum’s timeline, like The Walking Dead and Resident Evil.

In addition to the history of the undead, there are also celebrity handprints are on the museum’s wonderfully titled, Maul of Fame, including George Romero’s, along with movie props and production photographs and notes.

With the popularity of zombies at an all-time high, it’s about time those lumbering flesh-eaters we all know and love got their due. 

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