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The Fungo Mushroom Rock

Lacco Ameno, Italy

A mushroom-shaped outcropping that has come to be the symbol for an entire town. 


Located off the coast of Lacco Ameno, the smallest town on the Italian island of Ischia, is a strangely formed rock that has eroded its way into the spirit of the town itself.

The “Fungo” (or mushroom rock) of the Italian Neapolitan island of Ischia sits not far into the harbor, looking for all the world like a colossal fungus. The tufo rock outcrop gained its present shape through centuries of sea erosion as the waters lapped against the lower portion of the spire, but never reaching the top, and eventually creating a sort of stem for the bulbous summit. At 10 meters tall, the stone monolith cuts a striking profile off the coast of the small town, so it is no wonder that it has become the town’s unofficial emblem. Some cities choose abstract images of industry or such to represent their spirit, but the “Fungo” is unique and miraculous enough to speak volumes for Lacco Ameno. 

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