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Basbous Brothers Outdoor Gallery

Rachana, Lebanon

An open-air gallery and garden in North Lebanon with plans to continue growing. 


In 1994, the city of Rachana was transformed into an international name in the art world. Breaking the molds of classical Middle Eastern artwork, the Basbous Brothers and their children have hosted an international sculpture event for the last 18 years that have left a global mark on the small Lebanese town.

Michel, Youssef, and Alfred Basbous were all born in Rachana, Lebanon, and never had plans to leave. Each brother was an enormously talented sculptor, and rather than try and break into the art world, they brought acclaim to the 1,000-person town that they never wanted to leave.

The eldest brother Michel was the first to receive praise for his work, and began the tradition of creating open-air sculptures in Rachana. Using marble, stone and even wood, Michel created his art with his town in the background. His brothers continued to add to his works, but the town truly changed after Michel died, and his brothers invited sculptors from across the world for an international exhibition in 1994.

Instead of simply debuting works at the exhibition, artists came and were asked to make a contribution to the ever-growing outdoor museum in Rachana. Since that time, the outdoor gallery of the Basbous brothers has grown with the annual sculpture festival in Rachana.

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