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São Paulo Pedestrian Signal Lights

The pedestrian traffic signals in Brazil's teeming metropolis light up with clues to nearby landmarks. 


As one of the most populous cities on the planet, the sprawling megalopolis of São Paulo is not always easy to navigate, but a number of the crosswalk lights are unique, lighting up with the vague silhouette of a notable landmark nearby, making the traffic lights an attraction in themselves.

Some of the pedestrian street signals in São Paulo look a lot different from the ordinary ones found all across the world. They’re all unique clues leading to different sights in each area respectively. The symbol depicts whatever there is to see nearby whether it’s theaters, architectural landmarks, museums, or just something characteristic of the area like the Japanese inspired street lightning in the district of Liberdade.

The first lights were installed during a 30-day trial back in 2013 around the Monumento às Bandeiras close to the Ibirapuera park. The idea was to encourage tourism in São Paulo and soon the lights became permanent and more lighted sights followed.

So if you are out and about in São Paulo and see one of these signal lights, stop and take a look around; there might be something worth seeing right around the corner or even right in front of you.

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