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Resaca De La Palma State Park

The water in this preserved area spawns vegetation that gives it a deep green color. 


People describe naturally captivating water in a lot of ways. “Crystal clear.” “Sparkling blue.” “Aquamarine.” The water at Resaca de la Palma is none of these.

Somewhat off-putting at first, the water in this park is home to an expansive amount of Duckweed, which is a tiny form of vegetation the floats along the surface of the water.

The result is unmistakable.

The water takes on a bright green appearance as the vegetation grows so thick across the surface without breaks or obvious pattern. The whole lake looks like it’s filled with pea soup. It’s perfectly harmless, but its abundance in this area is certainly unusual. It’s not every day that one comes across water that appears to be thick and green, and even though it’s an illusion, that’s exactly what you get at this state park preserve.

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April 9, 2013

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