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Peter Buchs House and Sculpture Garden

Castellón, Spain

A whimsical garden of outsider art in the Spanish countryside. 


In America, the concept of “Outsider Art” has been taken to extremes, and at this point a work of art essentially needs to be created accidentally by a muskrat or another waterborne rodent to qualify. But the movement started in France as “Art Brut,” and originally it was much more simple - rough art. Raw art. Art without pretense and, at times, without identifiable technique.

Inspired by the Art Brut movement, artist Peter Buchs set out to create a whimsical location in the Spanish hills, where he could sculpt and paint whatever he liked without seeking approval or critique, and where visitors could come and see his oddball characters, magic-inspired architecture, and realize the simple pleasure of a colorful, playful landscape.

Peter Buchs was born in Germany, and was trained and works in Paris and Spain, but his true heart is in the fairy tail-inspired villas, sculptures, murals and mosaic in his art garden. The roads leading up to the main garden are decorated with colorful works and intriguing characters, hinting at the strange world that lies beyond.

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