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Paco de Lucía Metro Station

Guitarist Paco de Lucía overlooks travelers as they pass through this train station dedicated to his legacy. 


This illustrious mural was commissioned by the regional government and crafted by two renowned urban artists, Okuda San Miguel and Rosh333. Both worked in tandem on the piece and have worked together in Spain and across Europe.  

The mural entitled, “Between Two Universes” is a clear ode to Paco de Lucía’s album, “Between Two Waters.” The left side of the mural was crafted by Rosh333, and is noted for its curved lines and sinuous shapes. Okuda’s section on the right is identified by its starry and geometric patterns filled with vibrant colors. The artwork displays the differentiating styles of the two artists before they converge into the single image of Paco de Lucía presiding over the tracks. 

Paco de Lucía Station was inaugurated on March 25, 2015, and is the terminal station for Line 9, one of the longest in the city of Madrid. Initially, the station was going to be named Costa Brava, however, after the death of the composer in 2014, the government decided to name it in his honor. 

Know Before You Go

Paco de Lucía station is located in the northwest section of the city. It's the final station of line 9 (purple color) that runs from here to Arganda. To enjoy the work, you only need to buy a subway ticket.

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