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McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Monument

Calidum et Deliciose Succosum! 


In February 2020, the fast food chain McDonalds installed a massive 23,000-pound sculpture of a Quarter Pounder burger at a store location in Rapid City, South Dakota. This event was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Quarter Pounder. McDonalds corporate chose this particular location, they claim, because Rapid City residents consume the most Quarter Pounders with Cheese in the nation. 

At nine feet tall and is eight feet wide, the bronze burger and its pedestal weigh a combined 23,000 pounds. Etched on the pedestal is the Latin phrase Calidum et Deliciose Succosum. In English, that translates to “hot and deliciously juicy.”

The Rapid City area is known for its statues, especially those of presidents. So one more sculpture of an American icon isn’t too out place. 

Know Before You Go

This particular McDonald’s is located at Exit 61 on Interstate 90 in Rapid City, SD. Once you exit the Interstate, head south on Elk Vale Road.

The McDonald’s restaurant is located a very short distance from Interstate 90 at the intersection of Elk Vale Road and Cheyenne Boulevard.

The sculpture sits at the entrance to the McDonald’s parking lot, so be mindful of vehicular traffic.

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