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Mas de la Muga is permanently closed.

Mas de la Muga

Bellvei, Spain

Hidden well off the beaten path in Catalonia is this crumbling medieval castle that is slowly being covered in graffiti. 


The trio of abandoned medieval towers poking out of a copse of trees in southern Catalonia are the tall spires of Mas de la Muga, a castle which fell in on itself since it was made from the remains of an old Middle Ages construction. 

Since the 11th century a structure has sat atop the hill that is now home to the ruins of the Mas de la Muga. Originally a farmhouse sat on the spot before being demolished. However the the raw materials which dated back to the building of the farmhouse were then reused in the ambitious castle that was built on the site in the 19th century by a wealthy noble. Unfortunately this recycling process resulted in the finished castle being quite unstable and as parts of it fell apart, the people living there simply abandoned the structure they had built.

Ever since it was left to rot, the castle has continued to fall apart. The three towers that still stand get closer to falling over each year and most of the main structures have all but fallen apart completely. What remains of the large stone construction has also been marred by graffiti in modern years. Despite the vandalism and neglect, the ruins of Mas de la Muga still stand like a mysterious wreck from a more mysterious time.

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