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Magnetic Hill

Pekina, Australia

When you get to Magnetic Hill park near the sign, put your vehicle in neutral gear, and watch it roll uphill... 


Magnetic hill is located on black Rock Road near the townships of Pekina and Peterborough in rural South Australia, several hours drive north east of Adelaide.

A drive along the road will reveal a strange sculpture of a giant magnet and rusty bicycle. Looking forward as the road winds its way upwards into a small nest of hills, you would expect a car in neutral to roll back down the hill. But in some strange confluence of topographic anomalies, a car set in neutral will begin to roll (or appears to) roll uphill.

Best experienced with a carload of mystified children or better yet, take some of your friends and try and be the first person to figure out exactly what is going on… and aliens don’t count as an explanation.

Know Before You Go

Take the road from Peterborough to Orroroo. Around 25 km from Peterborough you will come to a T-Junction - left to Jamestown and right to Orroroo. Turn left and travel approximately 1km, when you will cross over a railway crossing. Around 400 metres from that crossing and on the right-hand side of the road, there is a gravel road with a sign 'Magnetic Hill 8 km'. Just follow the signs.

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