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Madingley American Cemetery

Vast fan-shaped British cemetery honouring American servicemen lost in World War II. 


The exceptionally beautiful Madingley American Cemetery can be found three miles outside the historic university town of Cambridge. Most impressive is the ordered design of the site: a visitor looking out from the flagpole platform, close to the cemetery’s main entrance, can see thousands of white headstones arranged in a fan shape.

The limestone Wall of the Missing is segmented by four imposing statues representing different types of servicemen: a sailor, airman, coast guard and soldier. Ornate maps within the Memorial building commemorate the Normandy landings and an intricate mosaic shows aircraft flying towards the celestial kingdom.

The University of Cambridge donated the 30.5 acre site to honour Americans lost in the struggle against Nazi Germany. The United Kingdom had been a centre for allied operations during the Second World War, and many of those buried in Madingley belonged to US air force crews. The cemetery holds the remains of 3,812 dead soldiers, but the tablets flanking the site list over 5,000 lost in battle.

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The closest railway station is Cambridge. Drivers can reach the cemetery via the A1303 from Cambridge. The city sightseeing bus also passes this location. 

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