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Lieutenant Colonel "H" Jones Memorial

Darwin, Falkland Islands

It marks the spot where the high-ranking British officer died during the Falklands War.  


Lieutenant Colonel Herbert “H” Jones is one of the highest-ranking British officers to be killed in action in recent times. He was the officer in command of the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment during their deployment in support of the Falklands War, and led his troops in the Battle of Goose Green.

While leading an attack in a heavily entrenched Argentinian position, his section quickly became pinned down by heavy machine guns and automatic rifle fire. In a desperate bid to save his men, he decided to lead a charge against the nearest Argentinian position and was unfortunately killed during the process.

Various accounts of the battle agree that the charge Jones led helped turn the tide of the battle of Goose Green and hasten the British victory. Shortly after he was hit, the Argentinian unit in the battle surrendered, helping to drastically lower the number of troops injured or killed on both sides as well as secure the release of 112 civilians that the Argentinian troops had imprisoned.

After he fell, Jones was initially placed in a war grave at Ajax Bay on May 30, 1982. After the war ended, his body was then exhumed and reburied at the British Cemetery of Blue Beach at San Carlos. This memorial marks the spot where he fell during the battle.

Jones was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest possible award for British troops in the British honor system.

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You can reach the memorial via a short walk from Mount Pleasant – Darwin road.

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