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Vibrant soil and a canvas of crops create China's "Red Land." 


Lexiaguo is one of the places on earth that is hard to believe exists. The internet community has debated its reality, and its sweeping palette of farmland has dropped the jaws of many pragmatists, convinced the landscape has been photoshopped. But it hasn’t. Lexiaguo is actually that colorful, and that breathtaking, and truly exists in Southern China.

Known as the “Red Land” due to its striking colors, the base color of the earth in Lexiaguo is tinted with oxidized iron. Nearly saturated with the mineral, the dirt has taken on a dark brown and reddish hue. Yet the soil is only the beginning of the fantasy-countryside.

Some 26,00 feet above sea level, atop the soil, is an ocean of farmland and white flowers, splotched with patches of oxidized red dirt. Without much infrastructure or government organization, the region is largely comprised of unaffiliated farmers who plant individual crops on the terraced slopes of the province. Although the lack of organization has left the area underdeveloped, it has also caused the stark differences in color and crop in the swimming farmland of Lexiaguo, and has made the land a stunning natural portrait.

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