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Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways

Opalton, Australia

These tracks are believed to be from a panicked dinosaur stampede.  


Lark Quarry is located in the outback of Queensland, Australia, 110 kilometers southwest of the town of Winton. The site preserves the prehistoric scene of the only known record of an actual dinosaur stampede that took place more than 90 million years ago. 

Caught in time are the footprints of a large carnivorous dinosaur as it slowly stalks its prey. The path of prints then reveals it charging and scattering as many as 150 other smaller dinosaurs, who can be seen stampeding in panic from the predator. However, there has been debate as to if these prints were from an actual dinosaur stampede. Other researchers believe the tracks were created over several days from dinosaurs crossing a channel. 

The site itself was discovered in 1962 by Glen Seymour. Researchers from the Queensland Museum aided in excavating the location to further reveal the tracks, which called for the removal of more than 50 tons of rock. The current protective shelter was constructed in 2002 after the previous enclosure failed to protect the prints from exposure. The Conservation Building is designed to control temperature, humidity, and moisture levels to preserve the prints.

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