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Lake Mburo National Park

Nyabushozi, Uganda

Uganda's smallest savannah park is home to over 350 species of birds and mammals.  


At 260 sq. km, Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah national park in Uganda. The park is nestled among local Banyankole Bahima tribal land. Lake Mburo National Park is teeming with wildlife, with over 350 bird species and large animals like zebra, warthog, giraffe, hippopotamus, impala, buffalo and the elusive eland.

The park works closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on wildlife conservation. This collaboration has focused on the reintroduction of lions, baboons, eland and other wildlife that were destroyed during political unrest in the past decades.

Multiple attempts to eliminate tsetse fly infestations as well as poaching activities also resulted in wildlife loss. By working closely with UWA and tribal locals, the park is an example of how wildlife and locals can successfully co-exist. The park offers ranger-guided tours to watering holes for wildlife spotting in the park and birding trips near the lake.

Facilities include multiple restaurants close to the lake and tent/accommodation facilities to stay in the park. Expect to go on boat safaris, horseback rides, and guided ranger tours if you stay in the park. This park is a birding paradise so take your binoculars and camera for a unique Ugandan experience.

Know Before You Go

The park restaurant near the lake has simple Ugandan food next to spectacular lake views and is highly recommended for the price, quality of food, and view. An alternate hotel/resort to stay would be at the Igongo Cultural Centre, which is a 45-60 minute drive away. Be aware of vervet monkeys near the park ranger station who are wily enough to enter any open vehicle in search of a quick snack.

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