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Atlanta, Georgia

Junkman's Daughter

A purveyor of unusual items located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Junkman’s Daughter is a purveyor of unusual items located in the Little 5 Points area of Atlanta, GA.

The store was initially opened in 1982 by Pam Majors, a true daughter of a junkman, who needed retail space to sell the accumulated items from her parents business. Adding a mix of items based on her own personal taste, the store quickly gained a following among the college and alternative portion of the Atlanta metropolitan population.

In 1994 the store moved to its present location, a renovated grocery store, and now has over 10,000 square feet of merchandise. The distinctive mural adorning the front of the store was created by a local tattoo artist named Watson Atkinson who had his first tattoo parlor in a what is now a storage closet of the store. The original front was a UFO based theme and the new mural retained the crashed UFO embedded above the present entrance. Vibrant murals surround the building and reflect the unique character of the store.

The community of Little 5 Points in which the store is located is a collection of restaurants, vintage shops, galleries and music venues but the Junkman’s Daughter is the heart of the area. The popularity of the store is evidenced by the growing list of famous personalities who have shopped there. These include Steven Tyler, Bono, Cyndi Lauper, ZZ Top, The Clash, Betsey Johnson, Lenny Kravitz, Pat Field, Pink, Alice Cooper, Outkast, Courtney Love, Usher, Tura Santana, Debbie Harry, Avril Lavigne, Nicky Sixx, Rick James, and Alanis Morrisette.

Visitors to the store are often greeted by a cat or two that live in the store. The staff frequently adopts kittens to raise and find homes for as a part of their participation in the surrounding community. A word of caution, photography is prohibited inside the store.

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