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'Harsh Pasture'

In the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, this marker marks the severe haven of War Kangaroos that once roamed here in the fictional parallel world of Kcymaerxthaere. 


Created by Eames Demetrios, Kcymaerxthaere is a “parallel universe that intersects with much of our linear Earth, but with different stories, creatures, peoples, even laws of physics and qualities of existence.”  

It has been likened to a novel with every page in a different place. What makes the Kcymaerxthaere project particularly interesting is that Demetrios installs informative markers and historical sites at the locations in our world that connect to his world, creating real-world intersections with his imagined universe. In August and September 2014, Demetrios acted as our first Geographer-in-Residence and his Kcymaerxthaere locations are still featured all over the Atlas. 

The Flinders Ranges seem to reinvent themselves with every turn of the asphalt of Flinders Ranges Way, long after Port Augusta, and then as you drive through the town of Blinman, you come upon a dirt road called Glass Gorge Road.  

After a ways, you will find three Kcymaerxthaere markers spread over a few miles. They constitute one of a handful of marker clusters in the Kcymaerxthaere project. These markers are also the northernmost.

You are invited to take a long curving walk to the marker, a path that has been laid out for the visitor.  The walk gives one a sense of the pasture honored by the marker which was where Dangaroos, the fearsome war kangaroos who were decisive in so many battles, grazed. The meanness and harshness of what they fed on was lethal to many of the animals, but the survivors were strong. They could disembowel an opponent at 20 paces and, most famously, hold an adult human warrior in their armored pouches. It is a great place to learn their story.

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Off Glass Gorge Road, in the Oratunga sheep station north of Blinman. In the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

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June 28, 2013

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