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Gigerplatz Fountain

Chur, Switzerland

Study the Alien etchings in this fountain while you refill your water bottle. 

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Walking through the charming and picturesque Old City of Chur, Switzerland, you might overlook the stone fountain at Gigerplatz. Taking advantage of the free water, though, you decide to refill your bottle. Then something catches your eye: etchings in the base of the fountain that looks like ancient, extraterrestrial carvings. Each intricate design is on an aluminum panel, giving the impression that they are relics of a spaceship.

Chur, the birthplace of H.R. Giger, honors its most famous resident by dedicating this fountain to his memory. Giger was part of the Oscar-winning special effects team who worked on the 1979 film Alien. His unique style can also be found in local art galleries, the Grisons Museum of Fine Arts, and the Giger Bar.

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