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Foxburg Country Club

Foxburg, Pennsylvania

The oldest continually operating golf course in the United States. 


Golf is old, and in the United States alone, the history of the sport dates back to the 19th century. The honor of being the oldest continually operation golf course in the country officially belongs to the Foxburg Country Club.

The course was originally established by sportsman Joseph Mickle Fox, who was first introduced to the sport of golf during a trip to Scotland. When he got back to the United States, Fox built an 8-hole course on his own estate. The course eventually grew so popular that it had to expand, and in 1887 he established the first holes on the grounds that would eventually become the Foxburg Country Club.

In February of 2007, the Foxburg club was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and a plaque was installed to mark its historical significance. Today the course is still in operation, and is also home to the American Golf Hall of Fame, making it an attraction for lovers of history and golf alike.

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