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Fahrzeugmuseum Marxzell

Marxzell, Germany

This private museum is packed with 20th-century traffic and technology artifacts. 


This private museum is filled with an array of incredible vehicles in used condition. You’ll find cars, bikes, trams, locomotives, tractors, fire engines, and even a fire helicopter, all in various states.

The vehicles haven’t been restored—some don’t even have motors—but at first glance, they all look like they could be driven away at any second. Of course, driving one of these vehicles around the exhibition space would be tough, as the building they reside in is packed with various bits of decor.

You’ll see display cases stuffed with objects like model cars, tobacco tins, car brand emblems and mascots, dollhouses, advertising signs, and models of houses and churches. There are additional everyday items such as beverage crates, old radios and turntables, tools, and toys on display as well.

Toward the end, you’ll come across a small old-fashioned projector showing old films. If the films aren’t running, you can ask the attendant to see if they’ll play one. 

Know Before You Go

Even when it's open, the door may be locked, so you'll have to look for a note with a phone number. After you call the number, an attendant will come let you in. 

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