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Facebook's Arctic Circle Data Center

The first overseas server for Facebook in Sweden's tundra. 


Every click of every one of Facebook’s 800 million users gets saved. But it doesn’t get saved on your iPhone, or on your trusty PC. Instead, these billions of pieces of information get stored on massive servers centered on the west coast of the United States.

Up until now, Facebook has never crossed the Atlantic or any other ocean for data storage, but have recently announced plans to open a storage facility near Lulea, Sweden, just shy of the Arctic Circle. Scheduled for completion by 2014, Facebook reps have stated the site will be 300,000 square feet and will vastly improve Facebook usage for European clients.

Lulea was chosen as an ideal site for the facility for its cold weather alone. Isolated in the far north, on the east coast of Sweden, Lulea’s average high temperature never gets above 66 degrees fahrenheit, and its icy winters will ideally keep down the costs of cooling servers.

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