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Entreprenörskyrkan is permanently closed.


When a conglomerate of visionary startups commandeer a disused Greek Orthodox Church, zaniness ensues. 


Slathered with a gleaming coat of white and a minimalist aesthetic, Stockholm’s Entreprenörskyrkan, or “the Entrepreneurs Church” took a former Greek Orthodox Church and turned it into a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit.

The cleverly repurposed house of holiness was refinished in 2011 to allow Sweden’s thriving community of small businesses a new, beatified place to flourish and grow. Anywhere from 15 to 30 enterprising start-ups can be found populating the former church’s central corridor, filling the open-office space with spunky, techie energy. In a particularly delightful touch, the altar has been converted into a sort of presentation area, where “congregants” can join together to receive the latest fruits of whichever creators’ divine inspiration.

Preserving the communal and social aspects of the church’s former gatherings means any given day finds Entreprenörskyrkan’s tenants participating in hackathons, video game nights, start-up socials, and other events… though the melding of the old and new venues’ lives quickly diminishes from there.

Update: Entreprenörskyrkan closed in the end of 2015 and moved its operation to a new address. The former church is now the home of the Greek Cultural Foundation in Stockholm.

Know Before You Go

Entreprenörskyrkan closed permanently in the end of 2015 and can't be visited.

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