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Tenkaen (China Park of Heaven)

Noboribetsu, Japan

After a short 5 year run, this former major theme park sits in ruin. 

Sorry, Tenkaen (China Park of Heaven) is permanently closed.

Opened in 1992 on 40000 sqm, the China Park of Heaven was created in the spirit of the Garden Court of the Summer Palace during China’s Qing Dynasty.

To honor 20 years of work on a decidedly difficult relationship, China gave the gift of a temple with a bell to the China-styled theme park, which was placed near a 5-story pagoda. The pagoda just one of the formerly opulent attractions at the now defunct park, which included a vast courtyard with a Moon Gate, some now muddied ponds, and a former Pavilion of Flowers, currently run wild with once-landscaped flora popping up sporadically through the beds.

High entrance fees (1900 Yen!) and the lack of interested visitors made short work of the China Park, and it was closed down and emptied in 1999. The buildings, bridges and ponds remain, but are swiftly falling into disrepair, serving as a perfect place for photography and exploration instead of the lavish place of beauty it was intended to be.

Update February, 2017: This place has now been demolished and replaced by solar panels. 

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