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Broken Crow & OverUnder Mural

One of the coolest murals in Minneapolis. 


One of the coolest murals in the city is squirreled away in a little parking lot behind the The Sheridan Room and the 331 Club off 13th Ave & University.

A collaboration between hometown street art heroes, Broken Crow, and international graffiti drifter, OverUnder, the mural combines both artists’ styles perfectly. One of OverUnder’s signature, multi-storied urban dwellings crushes a recognizable Broken Crow stencil character–complete with a lion head poking out of one of the top-most windows.

The mural takes up a vast expanse on the side of the building facing the lot and is a can’t-miss for any street art enthusiast. Bonus: While you’re there, take note of the vintage Sunkist Soda sign painted on the back of the The Sheridan Room–it’s a classic!

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August 29, 2010

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