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Böhmisches Brauhaus is permanently closed.

Böhmisches Brauhaus

The abandoned remains of this Victorian brewery hide crumbling bowling alleys and rusting industrial gear. 


Berlin’s Böhmisches Brauhaus is an imposing complex of beer-brewing history that was once a swiftly growing, multi-use behemoth until it was nearly destroyed during World War II. Today the original building is still an abandoned hulk sheltering the mouldering remains of its many lives.

The brewery was originally built in 1868 to brew beer using a popular Bohemian-style process that created a type of beer that we know today as a pilsner. The brewery’s draught proved to be a hit and the facility quickly grew in the decades following its inception, adding new buildings, a restaurant and beer garden, and even putting the city’s first beer truck into service.

However the good times could not last. When the sobering realities of World War II hit home, a huge portion of the site was destroyed and massive amount of beer flowing from the plant came to an abrupt halt. What was left of the brewery began to be used as storage for what would become Berlin’s largest holding of wine. During the 1950s a sports club was also built in the bombed out facility. This brought with it bowling alleys, a sauna, billiards, a gym, and other workout facilities. However this too finally closed its doors in 2001.

Today some portions of the site have been refurbished and are once again becoming usable buildings, but the main brewery is still an abandoned ruin. Some of the old brewing equipment still remains, now crumbling away alongside the old sporting facilities. It is now a favored spot among urban explorers and graffiti artists, who hopefully haven’t had one too many before delving into the unsound building.  

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Update June 2017: Building is currently being demolished. Security on site, though the remains of the brewery can be accessed for now from the rear.

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