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Ängelholm UFO Memorial

Ängelholm V, Sweden

A memorial to a Swedish hockey player's "encounter" with aliens. 


In Kronoskogen, a suburb of the Swedish town of Ängelholm, a memorial was erected in 1972, to remember an alleged UFO-landing seen by Swedish ice hockey player Gösta Carlsson on May 18, 1946. The memorial, which is built of concrete, consists of a model of the UFO and a concrete base.

Gösta Carlsson claimed that during his encounter with the aliens he received recipes for natural medical remedies which made him healthy. According to Carlsson it was based on this knowledge that he founded pharmaceutical companies Cernelle and Allergon. He later established the first professional ice-hockey club in Sweden — Rögle BK.

Not everyone, even those who believe in aliens, agrees with Carlsson’s claims. Clas Svahn of UFO-Sweden, a group dedicated to investigating UFO sightings in Sweden, investigated the claims and found no convincing evidence.

The only other UFO memorial in Europe can be found in Poland at the Emilicin UFO memorial ground.

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