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18 Slightly Submerged Architectural Wonders

There's something in the water.

Across the globe, in lakes and oceans and other waterlogged enclaves there are works made by human hands. Some are architectural wonders—feats of engineering that peek, and sometimes tower, above the wakes of their watery homes. Some are less intentional—the last glimpse of flooded towns and sunken cemeteries.

Sitting prominently in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur, India stands a magnificent 16th-century palace. Often referred to as the “Water Palace” the lower half of the building became submerged after a drought spurred the creation of a dam. Off the shores of Catarman, Philippines, stands a massive cross in the Bohol Sea. The cross is the last remains of a cemetery that sunk below sea level following a volcanic eruption in Camiguin. From an underwater observation tower in Japan to a church on the water, here are 18 slightly submerged places worth visiting from afar.