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Artist Tyler Thrasher’s 12 Picks for Exploring the World with Family

Trips for bonding and sparking wonder at all ages.

Prolific artist and scientist Tyler Thrasher knows that seeing the world with his family is the best way to inspire wonder in his young son Nova. Tyler and his wife Molly, in his words, “did some pretty wild traveling” (think exploring lava tubes in Iceland and caving in the Smoky Mountains) before their son came along. The family’s travel aspirations look a little different now, with Nova as a centerpiece. Tyler hopes that instilling a love of travel—and the world at large—will develop empathy, open mindedness, and resilience in his son.   

“Traveling with your kids is a unique gift that shouldn’t be overlooked,” he says. “Plus, traveling with your family gives you the opportunity to practice creative problem solving, make new and exciting observations about the world, and allows you to form wonderful memories.” He knows that some of the best bonding can happen when you’re away from home, without the distractions of technology and the daily grind. 

Are you ready to strike out to explore with your family crew? Check out Tyler’s thoughtful list for family travel. There’s something for everyone.  

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