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50 Obscure and Amazing Places to Visit in 2017

Where to take your wanderlust this year.

It’s a new year—maybe you’ve resolved to exercise more, or follow your dreams this year, but all of us should resolve to do more exploring. With now more than 10,000 incredible hidden wonders shared in the Atlas, the possibilities for inspiration are vast. We combed through the collection to compile 50 of our favorite destinations for the year ahead, from the world’s only surviving pilgrimage tattoo business to the 20-foot slash in the trees along the entire U.S.-Canadian border. 

Some of the places on this list are opening for the first time in 2017; in other cases, this will be your last chance to visit them. Some are celebrating an anniversary this year, and some relate to topics that will follow us into the new year, from politics to creepy clowns. Others are places we recommend visiting simply because they are really, really wonderful. Here’s to making 2017 a year of exploration.