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14 Tunnels Made for Walking

From a reimagined railroad to a path under the Elbe River, step into these unique passageways.

There’s something magical about a tunnel. Pathways that go under, around, or through difficult terrain can feel like another world. Some have been specifically designed as walking trails, while others are relics of forlorn railroads or vehicle paths that have been reimagined into something beautiful. As the weather gets warmer, get outside and experience these amazing tunnels. 

In Edinburgh, Scotland, there is a tunnel that is a poetic masterpiece. Once home to the Colinton Railway, the tunnel is lined with painted verses of poetry from Robert Louis Stevenson. Below the waters of the Elbe River sits a 2,000-foot pedestrian tunnel that travelers must descend 80 feet to enter. From one of the more snug pedestrian pathways to a botanical tunnel, these are a few of our favorite walking tunnels.