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Travel Couple Emily Grace and Steven Acres’ 12 Spots to Discover Together

From relaxing to adventuring, traveling is the height of romance.

Emily Grace and Steven Acres know that seeing the world together forges the strongest of bonds. Even though they don’t lack time together—they work for the same company—exploring the world with each other is a top priority. “Getting to share the joy of travel with a loved one truly doubles the enjoyment,” says Emily Grace. “Seeing the wonder reflected in your partner is indescribable.” 

Over the course of their relationship, the pair has logged miles traveling to Costa Rica, San Francisco, Romania, Peru, Japan, and a host of others, and they’re still hungry for more experiences. “Traveling together was really integral in getting to know each other, both by exploring our interests and how we roll with the punches traveling inevitably throws at you,” says Steven. They keep a running list of places they’d like to visit and, once they’re in a destination, make it a point to build in “vacations within vacations” where they slow down and spend time simply enjoying each other’s company, whether it’s a quiet dinner or visiting a hot spring or spa to relax. 

Ready to plan a trip with your significant other? Let the Acres’ list of 12 togetherness-inducing places around the world inspire you. 

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