A Wondrously Weird Photographic Journey With One of Our Top Contributors - Atlas Obscura Lists

A Wondrously Weird Photographic Journey With One of Our Top Contributors

Every photo has a story to tell.

Atlas Obscura would not be possible without the dedicated work of our community, who help us add more wondrous places to the site every day—and improve the ones we already have. A big part of this community is a dedicated group of intrepid photographers who venture to some of the most wondrous locations in the Atlas and bring back the breathtaking images that bring our collection of places to life. We want to give a few of our most dedicated photographers a chance to share some of their favorite snapshots and the stories behind the images. Gingercinnamon joined Atlas Obscura in 2018 and tops our leaderboards for places edited in Austria, and she’s added hundreds of her shots to existing place entries. 

“Since I discovered Atlas Obscura, I plan my trips around it, and I travel a lot,” she says. Gingercinnamon was born and raised in southern Italy and has lived in six countries so far. “I have visited many places featured on the Atlas and always want to visit more. I love photographing them, too,” She’s logged more than 300 places visited on the site, and has uploaded her own photographs to nearly 200. Her original images can also be found on her Instagram, where she “focuses on sharing pictures of curious and incredible places that I’ve traveled to.” Here are a few of gingercinnnamon’s favorite places she’s visited in the Atlas, each accompanied by a shot that tells a story.