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10 Hidden Gems of West Virginia

From fire towers to caves to abandoned mining facilities, here are ten marvels of the Mountain State.

The wonder of West Virginia goes beyond its country roads, unspoiled wilderness, and spirited small towns, beyond its ski resorts, hiking trails, and fast-running rivers, too. To truly get to know the Mountain State, you’ll have to get into its many nooks and crannies. 

The real wonder of West Virginia can be found in places like the dense woods of Seneca State Forest, home to the only fire tower east of the Mississippi available for vacation rental; or in the Potomac Highlands, where a century-old steam-powered train waits to transport you to one of the highest peaks in the state; in the Greenbrier Valley, where an alpine lake boasts its very own lighthouse; and on the banks of the New River, where outdoor enthusiasts can hike to a coal mining complex abandoned for over a century.

The stops, sights, and stays on this list won’t show you the West Virginia you might expect. Then again, the Mountain State has a habit of exceeding expectations anyway.

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