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Pig Ear Sandwich at the Big Apple Inn

Chewy porcine parts are layered onto a bun in this salty Southern specialty.

Many people associate pig ears with the dried treats they give their dogs. But they’re missing out on the salty, chewy, succulent experience of biting into one themselves. Like chitlins, pig ears are part of the longstanding Southern soul food tradition of turning less-desirable animal parts (which were often all that was left to slaves after white families got their pick) into a delicious meal. At the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Mississippi, that meal is the pig ear sandwich.

Each pig ear begins its journey to the bun with several hours in a pressure cooker. Once the meat is sufficiently tender, a cook slices it in thirds and layers pieces on a bun along with mustard, cole slaw, and optional hot sauce.

When the Big Apple Inn started selling the porcine pockets in the 1940s, they cost a dime. Though the current sandwich might not be that cheap, it’s still a steal at $1.60.

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