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How to Make a Murder: Writing Your Own Murder Mystery Party With Abi Inman

Wed, Feb 9, 2022
5 sessions
$85 per device
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$85 per device
$85 per person
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What We’ll Do

In this five-part lecture series, Abi Inman will walk you through researching, writing, and hosting your own murder mystery party.

Course Description

Nothing brings people together quite like donning period costume and trying to solve an elaborate, fictional murder by framing friends and family. Murder mystery games have been around since the early 20th century, and are infinitely adaptable; they can be made for players of all ages and take on a multitude of forms. While some are available for purchase online, they tend to be poorly written and often rely on one of a few classic, overused plots. Luckily, murder mysteries are just as fun to write as they are to play.

Over the course of five sessions, we’ll look at the history and structure of murder mysteries before creating our own. We’ll discuss what types of events and settings make good inspiration for a successful party, and which format works best for you. You’ll learn about the different pieces you need to create for each phase of the party, how to write characters that anyone can play, and what clues to put in place to ensure your murder is solvable without being obvious. By the time the course is finished, you’ll have a complete murder mystery party written and will be equipped with the tools you need to host it in person or online.

Syllabus at a Glance

There are five total sessions included in this purchase, each lasting for one hour on five consecutive Wednesdays beginning February 9.

Session 1 (Wednesday, 2/9/2022, 7–8 PM ET): Inspiration, research, and structure

Session 2 (Wednesday, 2/16/2022, 7–8 PM ET): Setting, cliques, and characters

Session 3 (Wednesday, 2/23/2022, 7–8 PM ET): Conflict and clues

Session 4 (Wednesday, 3/2/2022, 7–8 PM ET): Physical evidence and speeches

Session 5 (Wednesday, 3/9/2022, 7–8 PM ET): Hosting a killer party

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Where We’ll Be

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About Your Instructor
Abi Inman
Abi Inman

Abi Inman is a murder mystery writer and hostess who has held events everywhere from New York City to Belgrade. Her company Exquisite Corpse puts a new twist on the classic murder mystery party format, basing parties on historical events and hosting them in historic venues.

What Else You Should Know

This lecture series is designed so students can participate live or watch a recording after each session airs. Sessions will take place live over Zoom, with dedicated Q&A segments for students to ask questions via video or chat. Within 72 hours after each session airs, we will email all enrolled students a recording of the session, which they can watch using a temporary password for up to two weeks after the course concludes.

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Students will be encouraged to spend one to two hours each week outside of class working on their own murder mysteries.

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Dates and Availability
  • Wed, Feb 9, 2022
    7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
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