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Dino 101 is a live, adults-only experience replete with drinking games, ridiculous audience polls, interactive missions, "art" challenges, expert guests, and very real prizes. Part party, part class, Dino 101 is always 100% ridiculous adventure.

Join Dustin Growick, host of the YouTube channel The Dinosaur Show, and leader of Atlas Obscura's Dinos and Dunes in the Colorado Desert trip, and Kristina Gustovich, middle school teacher, geologist, and museum megastan, every Friday night at 9pm EST for an experience 66 million years in the making.

Since we'll be participating from the safety of our homes, drinking and learning is very encouraged! The very first thing we'll do is intro the week's special topic, guest, and Dino of the Day... which—should you chose—you can draw to win a prize. Next, it's time for everyone's favorite game, Dino or Not a Dino?!, in which we'll put your dinosaur knowledge AND bullshit detection to the test. We'll then do a quick deep dive into the dino-related topic of the day, with the help of our very special guestpert in the field. Pepper in a mini-scavenger hunt and some irreverent pop culture and paleontology trivia (e.g. Did T. rex have feathers?; Which Jurassic Park movie was the worst?; How big was a Brontosaurus penis?), and you've got pretty much the best reason ever to stay in on a Friday night.

Only one question remains: are you nerd enough to join the dino quaramteam?!

Don't miss any of our upcoming shows:

January 8: NEW YEAR NEW DINOS w/ Alie Ward (@alieward)

It’s 2021, and we’ve peaked way too soon because ALIE WARD IS OUR FIRST GUESTPERT OF THE YEAR. The host of the tour-de-force science/comedy podcast Ologies joins us to talk thru highlights from some of her favorite dinosaur related episodes. Birds? Feathers? Eggs? Reptiles? Morphology? Evolutionary Biology? YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!

January 15: TOYS w/ Marcos Stafne

Did you get a new dinosaur for the holidays?! It's time for a Dino 101 show and tell. Marcos Stafne—Executive Director of the Montshire Museum of Science—joins us to break down the history of dino figurines, and explain how and why they continue to captivate the hearts and minds of nerds of all ages.

January 22: INAUGURATION w/ Jimmy Van Bramer (@jimmyvanbramer)

We've got a new President, so what better time to elect a dinosaur cabinet?! Who will be appointed Secretary of Defense? Secretary of Education? Director of the Office of Management and Budget? Jimmy Van Bramer, Deputy Leader of the New York City Council, joins us to talk through these important positions, with YOUR votes determining which dinosaurs get which jobs.

January 29: THE BONE WARS w/ Rebecca Hunt-Foster (@paleochick)

2 paleontologists. 15 years. 136 new dinosaur species. An intense rivalry that included cash bribes, sabotaged dig sites, vitriolic publications, and animals with their heads on the wrong end. Dinosaur National Monument paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster joins us to break down the most famous fossil beef of all time.

February 5: IT'S THE SUPERB OWL(S)! w/ Jess Andersen (@College_FIIT)

Sure, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events on the planet, but it boasts a decided lack of dinosaurs. So instead, bird nerd and certified wildlife rehabilitator Jess Andersen helps us celebrate the world's most superb owls, because birds are dinosaurs, and owls are f***ing awesome.

February 12: TOP (AND BOTTOM) 10 DINOSAURS THAT CAN GET IT w/ Natalia Reagan (@natalia13reagan)

Anthropologist and primate sex expert Natalia Reagan joins us because Valentine's Day is just around the corner, romance is in the air, and—let's face it—some dinosaurs are just plain sexy. This episode will be like the People's Sexiest Man Alive competition, except YOU’RE the magazine's editorial board, we're not voting on humans, and all the competitors are extinct.

February 19: SCIENCE COMMUNICATION w/ Corinna Newsome (@hood_naturalist)

What is #scicomm? How does one get started in science communication? What are the need-to-know pro tips? How did Black Birders Week become such a phenomenon?! The effervescent and incomparable bird biologist Corinna Newsome joins us to shed some light on getting people excited about our incredible world and the animals with which we share it.

February 26: SHARKS!!! w/ Jaida Elcock (@soFISHtication)

Dino 101 superstar and cofounder of Minorities in Shark Science, Jaida Elcock is here to tell us why, even though they're not dinosaurs, sharks are absolutely incredible. Hell, sharks were on this planet before trees were on this planet. Oh, and maybe—JUST MAYBE—we'll flip the script and play SHARK OR NOT A SHARK.

March 5: MARY ANNING AND MARINE REPTILES w/ Dr. Dean Lomax (@Dean_R_Lomax)

No dinosaur ever lived exclusively in water, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t absolutely amazing marine reptiles stalking the seas during the Mesozoic. Paleontologist and ichthyosaur expert Dr. Dean Lomax joins us to break down these badass marine reptiles, and to wax poetic about the most famous paleontologist you’ve probably never heard of, Mary Anning.

March 12: FINDING YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR w/ Simone Giertz (@SimoneGiertz)

Everyone's favorite shitty robot building YouTuber Simone Giertz joins us because, well, she has yet to choose a favorite dinosaur and that's just not right. So—with your friendly suggestions (read: tipsy and aggressive rants) and a series of BuzzFeed style quizzes—we'll help her (and you if you're in need!) find a dino match made in heaven. Then we'll try to convince her to build a shitty robot of it.

About Your Host
Dustin Growick & Kristina Gustovich
Dustin Growick & Kristina Gustovich

Dustin Growick is the host of the YouTube channel The Dinosaur Show, and leader of Atlas Obscura's Dinos and Dunes in the Colorado Desert trip,

Kristina Gustovich is a middle school teacher, geologist, improviser, and museum megastan.

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