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Accidental Discoveries

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Accidental Discoveries is a series of talks revealing accidents that led to major discoveries in a different fields each week, including astronomy, math, biology, and more!

The history of the world is riddled with stories of accidents. Join your host, Kelly Reidy, as she takes you down a rabbit hole of missed targets and unexpected consequences. Get inspired to go with the flow as you learn about the characters and circumstances surrounding these events!

1/8: Colors

If you’re looking out your window right now thinking “dang, this looks drab,” then this week’s Accidental Discoveries is for you! Brighten your week by joining Kelly as she talks about accidents (spills!) and intrigue (spies!) in the history of colors and pigments.

1/15: Fashion

Not all fashion was created for fashion’s sake. This week, Kelly discusses some of the accident-related origin stories of many fashion trends of the past and present. You’ll never think of pants the same way again!

1/22: Travel

Is anybody missing the chance to go on adventures to investigate all the places in Atlas Obscura’s treasure trove of oddities? You’re not alone. In this week’s edition of Accidental Discoveries, Kelly will lead a virtual trip to some curious travel destinations, as well as discussing some blunders in the history of travel itself.

1/29: Coffee

Do we have coffee in our lives today because of one epic accident that occurred hundreds of years ago? Probably! Is the history of coffee chock full o’ accidents? Absolutely! Join Kelly as she traces the history of coffee from its single-source dancing-goats-related beginning all the way up to this morning’s cup.

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Dr. Kelly Reidy
Dr. Kelly Reidy

Dr. Kelly Reidy is a storyteller, performer, and rogue scientist based in New York City. She is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Math & Science at Pratt Institute and has traveled the world as a creative consultant with Museum Hack. In her spare time, she writes and performs small songs about, among other things, love and mathematics. Find her on IG and Twitter: @drunkascheese!

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