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Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

The Spies of Georgetown

Join us as former CIA clandestine operative Rosanna Minchew tells us the secret tales of the spies that populate Georgetown.

It's thought that as many as 10,000 spies live in Washington D.C.. 

Sneak around corners and pick up that dead drop with us as we learn about the spies and spooks that once - and still do -populate our city. 15-year CIA vet and D.C. native Rosanna Minchew will be our guide on this espionage-themed walking tour of Georgetown. We will visit the homes of "Wild Bill" Donovan and former CIA director William Colby. We will drop by notorious spots where Cold War-era games of smoke and mirrors played out between the U.S. and the Soviets. We will learn why the CIA and FBI can't get along, who Vitaly Yurchenko was, and how one can become a globe-trotting spy. Minchew will also sprinkle in (cleared) insider stories from her days at the CIA. 


  • Our tour will meet at the intersection of R and 30th Streets NW.
  • We will end right outside of Martin's Tavern on Wisconsin Ave. Please be aware we are starting and ending in two different locations. 
  • The route is a bit hilly and approximately 1.2 miles. Please dress appropriately and wear good walking shoes. 
  • There are no convenient bathroom stops on the route.
  • This event is accessible via public transportation. The DC Circulator and other bus lines regularly pass through Georgetown. In terms of Metro, the Foggy Bottom station is approximately a 30-minute walk from our meeting location. 
  • For those driving, there's street parking throughout Georgetown neighborhoods. 


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