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Seattle, Washington

The Original Coffee Break: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Experience an elaborate and immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony with Milen Medhane of Kaffa Coffee.

Join Atlas Obscura Society Seattle and Field Agent Christopher Blado for a very special tasting event: an Ethiopian coffee ceremony hosted by Milen Medhane of Kaffa Coffee.

In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, there is a legend that coffee fruit was discovered by a shepherd whose goats first enjoyed its caffeinating effects. As coffee became a staple of Ethiopian culinary culture, an elaborate ceremony developed. The ceremony emphasizes a leisurely break from daily activities while enjoying the process of roasting fresh beans and catching up with friends and relatives. While coffee has spread throughout the globe, Ethiopian coffee was the original, and the region consistently produces some of the world’s finest beans.

We are fortunate in Seattle to have a true master of Ethiopian coffee ceremony, Milen Medhane, owner of Kaffa Coffee in Rainier Beach. A chemist by training, Milen has owned and operated Kaffa Coffee for several years. Milen will offer attendees the experience of a real Ethiopian coffee ceremony. We’ll learn a bit about traditional roasting and preparation methods, from the gentle pan-roasting of beans to the technique of heating and pouring water from the jebena, the traditional water vessel. We’re looking forward to seeing you at this delicious and fun event!


  • Milen will host us before her café opens. Feel free to stick around and order brunch when the restaurant opens (not included in admission).
  • A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to a local charity.
  • There is ample street parking in the neighborhood.
  • This location is served by the 7 and 9 Metro bus routes.
  • The café is about a 20-minute walk from either the Othello or Rainier Beach LINK Light Rail stations.


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