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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Exhumation of Evil

Go underground with Dr. Samantha Cox and her team as she sheds light on the exhumation and study of one of America's earliest and infamous serial killers.

In the more than 122 years since the infamous Dr. H.H. Holmes walked the earth, his violent crimes have influenced art, literature, and music. In Fall 2017, this early American serial killer again made headlines—this time in Philadelphia—when a descendant of Holmes requested that he be exhumed. The purpose? To determine if Dr. Holmes had faked his own death at the gallows at Moyamensing Prison many decades ago. Did he in fact meet his end at the gallows?

Dr. Samantha Cox and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology led the effort to unearth the truth about the remains found in Holmes’ Philadelphia-area grave.

At this unique event, you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from Dr. Cox about this amazing forensic project, including the evidence to prove who was buried in Holmes’ late 19th-century grave.

Ticket price includes admission to the Summer Concert Series at the Penn Museum.  Attendees can stop by the series as early as 5pm before the Exhumation of Evil: Part II event!


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