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D.C. Legends and Lore: Fairfax County's Bunnyman

Learn the truth behind the legend that terrified generations of area high schoolers and watch the 2001 cult classic "Donnie Darko" in an old underground trolley station.

In nearby Fairfax County, there's a local legend about a mysterious killer who gutted his victims like rabbits. While the tale may be false, the truth is even more creepy. “A creepy guy, on Halloween, dressed oddly, throwing hatchets at people…it’s just too bizarre to possibly be true,” says Fairfax County Archivist Brian Conley, “But it is.”

Join us as we learn the real facts behind this sordid story with Fairfax County Archivist Brian Conley, who has dug into the archives, old newspaper articles, and police reports to uncover a tale that's weirder than the lore.

Afterward, we will have a very special screening of the 2001 cult classic horror film Donnie Darko, which is believed to have pulled inspiration from the exploits of Fairfax County's Bunnyman. All of this will take place in the dark passageways of an underground trolley station turned art gallery, Dupont Underground.


  • Please enter at the 19th Street entrance of Dupont Underground (next to Starbucks), marked by a bright red below-surface staircase. There, we will greet you. 
  • This event is open to those over 16 years of age. 
  • A cash (and card) bar will be available throughout the event for those who are over 21. There will be security checking IDs, so please bring them.
  • Dupont Underground is composed of  fairly uneven surfaces, so please wear appropriate shoes and be aware of your surroundings. 
  • This event is accessible via public transportation, a quick three minute walk from the Dupont Circle Metro station on the red line. 
  • Street parking can be tough in and around Dupont Circle, so we recommend other means of transportation.


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