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Los Angeles, California

Cat Skeleton Articulation Workshop

Jump on this rare opportunity to learn all about the unique practice of skeleton art led by Ryan Matthew Cohn of Oddities Flea Market.

Join Atlas Obscura and the Oddities Flea Market for a special workshop, part of our Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts two-day event curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn.

Delve deep into the fine art of cat skeleton articulation in this rare and intensive workshop experience with a master of this unique skill, Ryan Matthew Cohn . As a purveyor of all things odd and curious, it makes perfect sense that Ryan has developed the skill of taking the inert bones of a feline and breathing life into them, a process that takes patience, precision, and a dash of hot glue. 

You will have the opportunity to pose and piece together a complete cat skeleton, learning how to finesse the bones and create an expressive design. All supplies will be provided (a real skeleton, the base, and required tools), and each student will leave the class with a fully finished piece! All skeletons are ethically and humanely sourced, confirmed at great lengths by Ryan.


Ryan Matthew Cohn is best known for his educated opinions and consultation on the Science Channel show Oddities. However, it is Ryan's ability to prepare, create, craft, and provide unparalleled attention to detail in this subject matter that makes him a true artisan. Aside from his artistic accolades, Ryan specializes in rare and unique antiques and artifacts predominantly relating to science, anatomy, and natural history.


This event is one in a series of workshops, presented by Atlas Obscura in partnership with The Oddities Flea Market, that celebrates unique artists and their passion for interesting crafts. The event is a chance to spend part or all of the weekend leaping into the deep end to explore your creativity in unexpected ways. In addition to cat skeleton articulation, workshops like Small Creature Taxidermy with Amber Maykut, Victorian-inspired Perfumery with Lacey Walker from Seance Perfumes, Wax Anatomy Creation with Heather O'Shaughnessy from Salon Decire, Octopus Taxidermy with ScientificWoman, and special portrait sittings with famed photographer Karen Jerzyk will be offered. 


  • Students must arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time. 
  • All materials are included as part of the workshop.
  • If you purchase tickets for two workshops, lunch is included. 


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