Desktop Candle Furnace

From $16.69, Amazon

Wax seal kits are a popular gift, and come in super handy when you want to give a letter or bill payment that fancy touch—or, say, pretend you’re a character on Game of Thrones.

But by and large, wax seals turn out to be a bit messy and end up as desk drawer clutter after one use. That is, unless you have an attractive desktop wax furnace to make the whole process classier and easier.

A wooden rack designed to hold a wax-pouring spoon over a small votive candle, a candle furnace is the perfect desk accessory to get you sealing letters like you are sending by raven. It not only makes the whole process easier and more attractive, a candle furnace is also an intriguing desk accent that’ll make people wonder when they are going to receive one of your wax-sealed letters.

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