Solving a Rubik’s Cube takes a lot of time, practice, and patience. But this robot, built entirely out of LEGO pieces, can match the colored tiles in two minutes and 37 seconds.  

This robot actually belongs to a whole family of robots that solves Rubik’s Cube puzzles. The Rubik’s Cube solver has a distinct style, with an orange mustache and prominent gray brow. On one arm, the robot operates a color sensor to detect the different colored tiles on a scrambled Rubik’s cube, while the other grasps and flips the cube. The cube rests on a platform that spins around.  

There are other robots that can solve a Rubik’s Cube at incredible speeds. A German robot can decipher the cube in 0.887 seconds. However the home-built LEGO bot can arrange the six colors in their appropriate places in 41 moves. Now, that’s still pretty impressive. 

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