It’s the ultimate battle of the brides. Every June, at the height of the wedding season in Estonia, women dressed in bridal gowns hike up their skirts, lace up their tennis shoes, and compete for the title of the “Most Runaway Bride.”

The annual bride racing competition, which this year took place on June 4, features foot races and group dances, all done in a blizzard of white silk, satin, lace, and taffeta. It all goes down at Narva Castle, a 13th-century fort, where blaring pop music amps up the event.

Grooms wearing a suit and tie are welcome to participate in a couples race. At the 30-second mark, you can see the well-dressed duos running hand-in-hand down the track.

The organizer of the brides race said the women were racing to run away from the hum drum of their daily routines, Today reports. In addition to becoming the “Most Runaway Bride,” past winners have received a free weekend at an Estonian spa and a golden ring with a precious stone. 

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