There is nothing quite like a long lens shot of the moon: the resulting shots make our closest neighbor appear supernaturally enormous. Even more magical is when a subject is placed in front of the moon in the shot, which the video above accomplishes in a wondrous manner.

The video, entitled “Moonwalk,” shows the late free climber and highliner Dean Potter, who climbs to the top of a rock formation in Cathedral Peak, a mountain range in Yosemite National Park. At the top is a slack line that connects to another peak. In an instance of perfect timing, he walks across the cord as the moon rises behind it, so it appears as though he is walking across the colossal moon. 

“Moonwalk” is a work of art in itself, and is not only a testament to climbing and tightrope walking, but also to the skill it takes to capture a beautiful shot. 

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