Late to work? In one 19-story apartment complex in Chongqing, a densely populated city in southwestern China, that shouldn’t be a problem—you can walk out the door and catch the train in the middle of your building. A monorail runs directly through the seventh and eighth floors.

Because the city is so packed with construction projects, in 2004, when Chongqing was building a new rail line, the transit authority was faced with a choice: either tear down the apartment complex, or find a workaround.

Their decision landed somewhere in between. In a move that brings to mind the lyrics of the children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, rather than go above, below, or around the apartments, they decided to go straight through it.

One might assume that such a move would drive down the price of housing there. But, according to Oddity Central, the reverse has been true: “The station located in the building has actually increased the price of apartments because it makes public transportation so easily accessible.”

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