The world’s largest aircraft—some 302 feet long, 143 feet wide, and 83 feet wide, and weighing over 22 tons—is the hybrid of an airplane and airship.

Capable of taking off vertically and horizontally, a British company has spent some £25 million, or around $33 million, trying to make the Airlander 10 come to life, according to the BBC.

This weekend, it finally emerged from its hangar, looking very white and very fleshy, like the rear end of a Scandinavian who hasn’t sunbathed nude in many years. 

The butt has been in development for nearly 10 years, first by the U.S. Army, and then, in its last stages, by a company called Hybrid Air Vehicles, which built it at a hangar in Bedfordshire, around 50 miles northwest of London. 

The company says it can be used for a variety of purposes, from surveillance to carrying passengers. 

Its unclear when Airlander might actually fly; first a battery of tests must be completed. But when it does, like extremely pale skin on a beach, you probably won’t be able to miss it.