Karam Chand, who is believed to have been in the longest marriage in the world, has died, according to the BBC

Chand died Friday at the age of 110, after over 90 years of marriage to his wife Kartari, 103, who survives him. 

The couple, who were said to “never argue,” were married longer than Queen Elizabeth has been alive. They moved to England from India in 1965, when they’d already been married for 40 years. 

They have eight children and 27 grandchildren, the fruit of a marriage that began in 1925 in the Punjab region of India, when that country was still ruled by Britain. 

They celebrated their 90th anniversary last December in West Yorkshire, where the couple are local celebrities, leading a parade there last year. 

“It’s one of those things nobody can stop,” Karam Chand’s son Paul told the BBC, “everybody has to go.”