At Atlas Obscura we spend our days searching out hidden wonders throughout the world. Sometimes we find amazing places right in front of us. For Project Re-Use, we teamed up with the Cadillac ATS to explore some incredible spaces that were rescued from disrepair and interview the people who gave these spaces new life.

Thalia Hall sat empty for four decades before Craig Golden and Bruce Finkelman stepped up and decided to restore the once great community hall to its former glory. Their aim: to return Thalia Hall to its rightful place as a hub of the neighborhood, with a new restaurantbar, and musical venue.  

A long time Chicagoan and owner of landmark Chicago musical bar The Empty BottleBruce Finkelman has a history of saving old Chicago spaces and turning them into incredible new ones. I ask Bruce about how they found Thalia Hall, what they had to do to open it back up to the public, and what they want it to become. 

-Dylan, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura

“This post is in partnership with Cadillac